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Grocery / Misc

Packaged, Gluten Free & Specialty Foods

We carry a variety of Gluten Free and Specialty foods to accommodate different dietary needs and lifestyles. We try to source local options wherever possible as well as researching the products to find ones with “clean” ingredients as often as is possible. We do take requests and special orders, when we know that they are available from one of our suppliers. When that isn’t the case, we will offer other options or try and/or suggest where you might be able to find the specific item you are looking for.

rND Bakery Gluten Free Breads, Bagels & Panini


Bob's Red Mill Products

(Include Gluten Free, Paleo, vegan, etc.)

Schar Breads and Other Gluten Free Items

Bulletproof Products

Fermented Foods

Diabetic & Sugar-Free Products

Digestive Enzymes

Sugar Substitutes / Sweeteners

& Many More

For more information on Celiac’s Disease & the Gluten-Free Diet, you can visit The Canadian Celiac’s Assciation at https://www.celiac.ca/